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She was born in October 1966 in Assam. After Schooling in Assam up to class eight, She came to Kolkata. After Passing school final, she got married.after 20years whwn her son was appearing for ISC Exams,along with him,She pursued her higher secondary through distance mode.after regular classes at Shivnath Shastri,She completed her graduation in 2007.after M.A in Bengali,she did a two year course on cosmetology. since childhood,She was interested in make-up stuffs and her dad's bussiness was asociated with ayurveda.after gathering 12-13 years of experience,she opened her own saloon.she takes classes there and she started a beautician course for students interested inthis field.Different types of Skin and hair treatmenta are carried out in the saloon.When people come to her with different skin as well as hair problems,by curing them and making them beautiful She derives immense Pleasure.She feels very Satisfied,Using her own skills,she wants tosatisfy people.Today's World is very conscious with beauty and looks.Even a little problem can make them shaky and disturb them internally Which can leave an imprint in their personalities,acording to her.But When she succeeds curing them to their heart's content,it's a very big reward for her.Whatever technological advancements are introduced in this field, she's eager to adopt them.Shewants to dedicate herself to the benefits of people.She developed a pain relief that will help people,mostly those with joint pain or Arthritis.Also, she introduced an aromatic oil which works as stress reliever as well as it nourishes the hair ,makes it silky and enhancehair growth.she wishes to launch more beauty products in future.As she's so passionate on this area, she's looking Forward for more endeavours towards it in future.


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